Perfect peaceful place inside Tokyo

In one of my first days in Tokyo, I decided to explore my school’s surroundings on my own, and I ended up inside an awesome park! Koishikawa Korakuen Garden (小石川後楽園). It’s near the Tokyo Dome, and it’s damn beautiful. I’m not sure if it’s because it was a weekday afternoon, but there were really few people there, and it felt really peaceful and silent. Well it was Summer, so there were cicadas making a loud noise, but somehow it’s a sound I liked. However, maybe listening to it for many consecutive hours wouldn’t be recommended, I think xD

The first and second pictures are from the inside of the park. The third one is from the imponent Tokyo Dome Hotel, which is near the park.

It’s the proof that even inside one of the biggest cities in the world, anyone can find a quiet spot to relax. Will definetly go back there!

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