In my last post about the Tokyo Subway, I referred “Shinkansen” (新幹線 in Japanese), or “bullet train”. This is a really famous type of train in Japan.

They are commonly used for long-distance trips (I took it to go from Tokyo to Kyoto), and are really comfortable. Moreover, it’s really safe. According to a little research I made, it seems there have never been any passenger fatalities due to derailments or collisions, which is fantastic, having the Shinkansen system began official activity in 1964! And in 1992 an automatic anti-earthquake braking system has been introduced, offering even more safety to it.

With maximum speeds of 300 km/h, and covering a total of almost 2400 km of lines, this is one of the means of transportation I always wanted to try! I found really funny how I was recording the outside while riding it, and the camera refresh rate couldn’t keep up with the train speed (some things appear diagonally xD – watch video below!).

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