Picture of the Week: Kakigoori!

Japan Summer is really hot in the center and south areas of the country, so they created many ways to refresh people!

When I was in Tokyo, three particular things got my attention.

One: some shopkeepers watering the ground near their stores! The ground tends to get really hot and that also make the near air hotter. Watering it a bit makes it more comfortable to walk! Nice idea!

Two: a huge ice cube in the middle of the street! This one surprised me! On a non-traffic street, there was a big vase, with a huge ice cube inside, so people always touched it with theirs hands to get refreshed! 😀

Three: kakigoori (or in Japanese, かき氷)! Kakigoori means “shaved ice” and that’s what it is! Shaved ice on the top of which it takes syrup (there are many different flavours), and so you get a yummy, simple and refreshing dessert! Below is a strawberry flavoured kakigoori that I ate in Yokohama!

(Shaved ice with syrup – Kakigoori (かき氷))

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