Tokyo Big Buddha

Deep inside Itabashi (板橋), the city I was living in last Summer, lies Japan’s third biggest Buddha, 大仏 (Daibutsu), after Nara and Kamakura ones. Somehow I felt it is not very famous because there weren’t many people around. However, it’s in a beautiful place, as you can see from the pictures below.

(Big Buddha Statue)
This Bronze Buddha Statue is 13 meters tall and weights 22 tons! It is located at Jourenji Temple (乗蓮寺), in Akatsuka (赤塚). In its previous location (Nakayado), this temple was visited by Tokugawa Shoguns (I’ll explain this with more detail later!), which was something I discover when I saw the Tokugawa Crest, on the temple gates!

(Tokugawa Crest at Jourenji Temple)

 At the temple, there was a huge amount of wish wood tablets (see picture below). People write their wishes/dreams/hopes on them, and hang them there.

(Wish wood tablets at Jourenji Temple)
I leave you some more pictures of Jourenji Temple! Enjoy!

(Jourenji Temple Garden)

(Jourenji Temple)

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