Asahi Poo Building!

So, as I wrote yesterday, today I’m uploading a funny picture! Here it is:

(Asahi Buildings with Tokyo Sky Tree in the background, Tokyo)
I think this post’s title and the picture are auto-explaining, but I’ll describe it for those who still aren’t sure.
The buildings on the right are from Asahi Breweries (you can compare the golden tall building with a full beer mug – awesome!). As to the black building with that… er… poo… on the top, it’s Asahi Beer Hall! According to a little research I made, that structure on the top – Asahi Flame – is supposed to represent the burning heart of Asahi Beer, but it is actually referred to as “unko biru” (うんこビル) – the poo building – by many Tokyo residents (I wonder why!).
Also to note that in the background is the imponent Tokyo Sky Tree (東京スカイツリー), a 634-metre tall broadcasting, restaurant and observation tower located in Sumida (墨田), Tokyo. It’s the tallest building in Japan, and the second tallest in the world, second only to Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, and it will open to the public in next May!

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