Samurai A-kun

When I was in the university, I once had a project which consisted in making a videogame only through programming. It was a 2D videogame where one could control a water vehicle that shot a laser and defeated enemies and stuff like that. The common game.

But I didn’t have much time to think in that game, because I had other subjects, tests, projects to do, so it ended up not being very good (thank you university schedule).
After I finished the last subject, I still had some time before coming to Japan, so I decided to do another one, to my liking, and with a little more time.
So I made this samurai adventure videogame which I called “Samurai A-kun”, which I really enjoyed to do! It’s still not good (xD), but I thought “hey, why not? I get some experience, which later will surely be useful”.
So today I leave you some pictures of it!
Would you play it? :p
(Samurai A-kun fighting a Lizard)
(Samurai A-kun fighting BoulderRobot)
(Samurai A-kun fighting Merjestic)

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