One week has passed!

I arrived in Tokyo one week ago, so I thought about doing kind of a review of how it went.

It was already 7 months since I had been here, so I was really missing this beautiful country. Although this time it’s a different kind of trip from last year’s, I’m enjoying it the most I can.

It’s been a while since I walked through these narrow streets, since I rode this subway, since I got to speak Japanese all day, or since I felt completely safe while riding the train/subway or walking on the street! Everyday I feel that I want to do my best at school, and become fluent fast! The teachers are really good, they explain very well, and after returning home, talking with my host family, friends, watching the news, the (AWESOME!) commercials, trying to read every kanji I pass by on the street, I feel that I really can do it!

This first week was kinda tiring because I had some important things to do, like level check tests, buying subway pass, remembering/learning the way to some places, etc. But as time goes by, I’ll be slowly entering the routine and getting adapted to my new life.

Many people are kinda annoyed with some of this country’s traditions/customs but up until now I’m liking them! It’s a country where people follow some strict rules that are faced like common sense, like waiting at the sides of a train door so that people can get out through the center, or everyone standing on the left side of an escalator, or people actually respecting traffic lights (riding a car or not), or where… I could go on forever.

It’s a country that actually works, and well, despite what anyone might say or think about it.

Being a foreigner here is tough, but it has its advantages. Personally, I think the language is the toughest obstacle. I’ve felt kinda frustrated for not being able to clearly express my opinions/thoughts some times. But that’s part of the race, I already knew I would find that obstacle in my way. Actually I find quite fun to quickly run through all the words I know to try to build a sentence that means what I want to tell. Japanese language is also very good because it has many words that quickly/easily express feelings that other languages don’t.

Today I’m going to an orchestra rehearsal. I want to play saxophone somewhere! Music is the universal language, and I think it will really help me to achieve my goals! Ganbarimasu!

(Sakura near Budoukan)

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