Cherry Blossoms in full bloom & Mochitsuki!

Today is Japanese Lesson day, but I can’t possibly let the chance slip by, so I’ll write about my day yesterday! (So this week’s Japanese Lesson will be postponed to Wednesday)

Yesterday I went to Naka Itabashi (中板橋), where there was a Sakura Festival! I’ve never seen streets so lively, it was just awesome! Everyone in a good mood, enjoying the Hanami (花見, watching the Sakura) while eating and drinking, selling and buying… it was just overwhelming. As well as the beauty of the Sakura flowers. I feel that no picture or video can actually capture the entire beauty of it. You have to see it with your own eyes to be able to acknowledge its perfectness. Anyway, I’m uploading some pictures of it!

(Sakura in Naka Itabashi)
Isn’t it just beautiful? It’s a very special season for Japanese people, particularly this short time when Sakura are in full bloom! It gives a really nice feeling, like “I want to be better” or “This is the beginning of another year, let’s go!”. Can’t really describe it through words, I’ve never been good with words. Anyway, it completely makes sense that the school year begins in Spring.
And as pictures are not enough, here is a video too!
While in the festival, I also did “Mochitsuki”! It’s a traditional way of preparing “mochi”, which is a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice! It’s really fun because many people gather around to do it and watch it! Once again, Japanese food gets one more special point!
Here is a video of a lady doing it with the help of another person!
Feels like everyone is a big family!

(P.S.: Can’t really wait, the mochitsuki video and the sakura picture will become immediately icons of the week!)

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