Because manners are important!

(Posters in Itabashihonchou Subway Station)

These are a few posters that are on the walls on the way to the train. Despite the good common sense that people have around here, manners is still a topic that is always being heard on train and station speakers. “Be careful with your luggage not to bother other passengers”, or “Please respect the seats reserved for passengers with handicaps”, or “Please put your mobile phone on silent mode”. I’d say 95% of the times these are respected.

“Be careful while entering and leaving the train” –> warnings like this don’t exist here. Never felt so safe while riding a subway. Thank you Japan.

One thought on “Because manners are important!

  1. Em Londres a maior preocupação era a segurança, sim. “Please mind the gap between the train and the platform” ou “Keep your belongings with you at all times”. Mas no geral as pessoas respeitam regras de senso comum de cortesia como dar o lugar a grávidas ou pessoas idosas, por exemplo.


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