Video of the Week: Chihara Minori Acoustic Live DVD Preview

Chihara Minori’s new album, finally got it! 
(D-Formation Album Front Cover)
(D-Formation Album Back Cover)

It’s amazing how one can get an internet order so fast. Ordered it in in one day, and got it in the following day! And I could even receive it in the same day if I wanted to! Wow! Maybe I’m sounding silly here, but it’s the first time I’m living in a country that has an amazon website, so I can’t help being amazed! xD

Anyway, this album is so cool! The cover, the songs, the pictures in the lyrics book, the DVD of the Acoustic Live that comes with it… It’s just awesome!

Have you ever had that favorite singer whose voice just enters your ears and echoes forever in your head? This is mine. I can’t help it, it’s THE voice, for me. And accompanying this awesome voice, is an excellent group of musicians and staff, who always make everything so perfect.

Here is a preview video of the Acoustic Live DVD:

It’s actually the first acoustic live she made. It has such a “nostalgic” mood, I just love it. I’m just so glad I discovered this voice. It triggers indescribable feelings inside me, I can’t explain. I think one of my dreams is to say “thank you” to her.
I feel kinda frustrated about how almost none of the people I know here know her. But oh well, Japan has so many singers, so many artists, and I guess it’s easier to get crazy over AKB48 (words of frustration here).
But as I usually say, not everyone knows how to enjoy truly good music! Can’t wait to go to the D-Formation Live next May 6th in Saitama!

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