Photo of the Week: Ryokan

On my short trip to Miura city, I spent the night at a ryokan (Japanese traditional hotel). It was my second time at a ryokan (I also stayed at another one on my last year trip to Kyoto), and I can only say that they are awesome! As it is traditional style it feels even more comfortable than a common hotel, in my opinion.

Here is a picture from the room:

(Ryokan room)

The same place where is this table, becomes the place to sleep. The futons are stored in the wardrobe, and the workers in the ryokan take them out and prepare them while we are away. Futons are really nice to sleep in! :3

This picture is not from my ryokan futons, but it looks exactly the same:

(Ryokan futons)

I’ll leave you some more pictures from Miura! Enjoy!

(Misakimachi Jogashima)

(Misakimachi Jogashima)

(Misakimachi Jogashima)

(Misakimachi Jogashima)




(Our ryokan in Miura)

3 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Ryokan

  1. Uncle André! XD well, i always saw pictures of an Ryokan but never thought that actually still exists in Japan! Those kinds of hotels are only in Kyoto?
    (sorry for my usual bad English :P)

    Greetings from Portugal 😉


  2. Not only in Kyoto. There are really a lot of them! Some are really old. This one where I was, was around 90 years old! But it is still very well preserved and it feels really good to be there!

    Greetings from Japan!


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