How to access the Japanese iTunes Store with or without a credit card!

For those people like me who wanted to access the Japanese iTunes Store in Mac or iPhone (iPad should work too) without a credit card, this post is for you!

If you’ve already tried changing the country of the iTunes Store, you should have noticed that you can’t have access to the Japanese Store while logged in (if you are not from Japan, of course). Logging out lets you in, but you can’t buy anything or add your personal stuff.

One way is to create a new account with a Japanese card, but if you are not thinking about downloading anything besides free apps, you don’t need to enter a card number! Just follow these steps:

1 – Open iTunes.

2 – Log out of your account if you have it.

3 – Click iTunes Store on the left.

4 – Try to download some free app (doesn’t matter which one).

5 – A pop up will appear asking for you Apple ID.  Click on “Create New Account”.

6 – Follow the steps of the registration process until you reach the payment method.

7 – When you reach the payment method screen, notice that you can select “None”! Select this option and proceed.

8 – Verify your account through e-mail and you’re done!

Of course if you want to buy apps/songs, you need a Japanese card. You can either have one, or buy Japanese prepaid music cards. It’s a type of card that gives you credits and with which you can buy Japanese songs. There are two types of cards (3000yen and 1500yen) and you can get them here!

I hope I have helped you! After all Japanese music rocks! 😉

3 thoughts on “How to access the Japanese iTunes Store with or without a credit card!

  1. hey!
    thanks. that helped me a lot! I already tried many things to buy japanese music with itunes but, as you wrote, it is not posible without a japanese credit card -.-

    do you know if this 'itunes japan music card' is also available in music stores?

    have a nice day.



  2. humm, not sure, I guess there could be, at least it makes sense. But as it is a product from Apple, maybe it's only acquirable online. When you go to a large music store, try asking there! 😉


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