Janken (rock, paper, scissors) game!

Following the last fingers names trivia, now I’ll introduce to you how to play the rock, paper, scissors game in Japanese! Well, I guess the rules are the same, I’m only going to teach you how to say it.

So, in the beginning players say: “Saisho guu, jankenpon!“.

Saisho means “start”, guu is the “rock” shape (players say it because they start moving their hands while closed), and jankenpon is a word that is said to have origin in the Buddhism (from which the game was named).

Here is a picture of the game:

(Janken game)

As it is written in katakana, scissors is choki (チョキ), paper is paa (パー), and rock is guu (グー).

If there is a draw, players move their hands again while saying “Aiko desho!“, where aiko means draw. And this process is followed until there is a winner :p

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