(Taiyaki – Picture from http://happylittlebento.blogspot.jp)

A couple of days ago I ate this kind of cake, which is named after the shape of a fish (tai – sea bream). It is most commonly found on festivals or food courts.

The outside is made of regular pancake or waffle batter, and in the inside it may have many ingredients: custard, cheese, chocolate, red bean paste, and there are even okonomiyaki and gyoza fillings! The one I ate had custard filling, it was so good! ^-^

3 thoughts on “Taiyaki

  1. Sim, também deve ser possível fazer com peixe ou qualquer outra coisa no recheio.

    Quanto à receita, este vídeo é bastante bom:

    Explica como fazer o mais popular (recheio de pasta de feijão). Para fazer com chocolate é mais simples, é só fazer uma pasta de chocolate e usar no recheio.


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