Barbecue in Akatsuka Park!

Yesterday the weather was really good, it started to feel like Summer already! It’s getting hotter day by day! Personally I like hot days, as long as it is not unbearably hot (hi Egypt!).

As good as the weather was yesterday, it wasn’t a surprise to find so many people at Akatsuka Park doing barbecue! Japanese people really like this kind of events, to spend time with friends and family eating and drinking (a lot!).

In the middle of so much drinking, I guess it’s normal that no one is able to drive safely back home. I don’t drink, but I don’t have an international driver license, so I couldn’t drive back home.

So in the middle of this, I experienced something quite interesting! My host family, as well as many people that were doing barbecue, hired a substitute driver to get everyone back home safely! This is an unbelievably responsible act, in my humble opinion. It seems it is quite popular when there are this kind of events. Either way, plus one point for Japanese Culture! 😉

Here are some photos of this day!

(Akatsuka Park, 赤塚公園)
(Akatsuka Park, 赤塚公園)
(Akatsuka Park, 赤塚公園)
(Akatsuka Park, 赤塚公園)

(Akatsuka Park, 赤塚公園)

The carp flags in the last photo are from Children’s Day in Japan (May 5th). They represent the members of the families, and many flags like these can be seen everywhere!

Today is the last day of these long holidays, and I’ll go to Chihara Minori D-Formation Live! Tomorrow I’ll do my report about it! So this week’s Japanese Lesson will be changed to Wednesday!


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