D-Formation Live: EPIC!!!

Yesterday was the day I was waiting for! I went to Chihara Minori Live 2012 in Oomiya Sonic City Hall! Starting for the place, it was quite easy to find, as there was a direct pathway from the station to the Sonic City Building (photos below).

(Oomiya Station)

(Oomiya Sonic City Building)

The Hall is awesome! I don’t go to this type of halls very often, so I’m kinda amazed. Almost looks like the inside of a spaceship, which was just the perfect scenario to this tour!

As the concert begins (following the first songs of the D-Formation Album), I just think to myself: why didn’t I buy a penlight! LOL!

(Penlight – Picture from http://vf86.blog.shinobi.jp)

These things are just awesome, because everyone uses it, creating an awesome view in the hall. But oh well, I usually think that things that happen, happen for some reason, so maybe the fact that I didn’t buy one means that I should go to another live of hers and buy then! 😀

Anyway, I had this tour flag, so no worries.

(D-Formation Tour Flag)

But on to the music. It was just so awesome, so powerful, so perfect, I could be here all day writing about it and it still wouldn’t be enough. Ever since I heard Minorin’s singing for the first time I fell in love with it and I’ve been liking more and more. It’s like a recharging source of energy for me. The voice, the notes, the beat, the sound, everything together enters my ears and echoes through all my body, resulting in shivers from the start to the end of the concert. I feel just so damn happy to have found this treasure. It’s my inspiration. Now join an excellent group of musicians to it, and you get this!

New members entered the CMB (Chihara Minori Band), and now there are two guitars!
Twin guitar soli, violin solo, bass solo, drums solo, everything so perfect. I mean, even when Minorin went out for a few minutes to change her costume, even then the music was superb!
This is just what I need to make my own music sound good.

And the concert ends with the message: “Please do your best in your everyday life! I will do so as well!”, said Minorin.

And as usual, the “大好き” (I love you) before leaving stage! ^-^

I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Minorin! Hope to go to your live again soon!


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