Music, Music, Music!

My weekends keep overflowing music!

After last week’s D-Formation Live, this weekend I had two rehearsals at Itasui (Itabashi Wind Orchestra), and today I even did an audition! Damn, been playing for 13 years, and this was my first audition. Everyone there is so good, can’t believe no one is professional. I don’t know about the “size” of other orchestras in Japan, but this one is pretty much giant for me. Everything is so different from back home. I feel I can evolve a lot (I think I already am). Sometimes there is the problem of communication, which becomes kinda troublesome during rehearsals, but little by little, and with the help of orchestra’s people (which has been enormous), I think I can do it.
Anyway, looking forward to the result of the audition! Whatever the result, I’m just gonna take my sax and play wherever I can!

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