Japanese Vocabulary Lesson 3: Months

Today it will be maybe the easiest lesson up until now: month names!

And guess what, they’re really easy! Here goes:

January – 一月, いちがつ (ichi gatsu)
February – 二月, にがつ (ni gatsu)
March – 三月, さんがつ (san gatsu)
April – 四月, しがつ (shi gatsu)
May – 五月, ごがつ (go gatsu)
June – 六月, ろくがつ (roku gatsu)
July – 七月, しちがつ (shichi gatsu)
August – 八月, はちがつ (hachi gatsu)
September – 九月, くがつ (ku gatsu)
October – 十月, じゅうがつ (jyuu gatsu)
November – 十一月, じゅういちがつ (jyuu ichi gatsu)
December – 十二月, じゅうにがつ (jyuu ni gatsu)

Easy right? And last week’s lesson about numbers helped a lot right? ^-^
Next week, keeping the numbers theme, I’ll teach you about month’s days! See ya!

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