A weekend FULL of MUSIC and SPORTS! :D

Yesterday was one of my best (and busiest) days until now in Japan! I was able to meet so many nice people, through music!!

Some time ago I made a friend in www.japan-guide.com who is a vocalist in a band, and she invited me to participate in a studio session of her band! First time playing J-Pop songs with a band, first time playing in a studio, first time playing with a band of this type (drums, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, vocalists, saxes),… so many new experiences! And everyone was so much kind despite not knowing me at all! It was really an awesome experience which I hope I can repeat soon!

After this session, a quick train-subway trip to Takashimadaira (高島平) to go to Itasui rehearsal! Had to switch off the improvising and “play-at-will” mode, to the rigorous and “look-to-the-paper-and-conductor” mode. Everyone is so damn good. I feel I need these two types of music. On one hand, I learn to play difficult pieces, I practice my reading, I improve my tuning. On the other hand, I liberate myself to play without fear, I can do a few solos, improvise if necessary. And in both places, I can practice Japanese, and make a lot of friends! How cool is that?

After the rehearsal, everyone gathered in a nearby restaurant, in what turned out to be kind of a welcome party to celebrate mine and another member’s enrollment in the orchestra (after having passed the audition)! Once again, everyone was so much kind, I don’t have enough words to explain! While practicing, everyone is damn serious about what they’re doing, but after the rehearsal, everyone becomes really open (even the conductor, with whom I talked the most!) Thank you everyone, I really appreciated it.

I guess being busy is good, it means one is being useful somewhere. It’s the first time I have this busy schedule. To the point of wanting more hours a day, more days a week, so I can do all my activities. I just keep thinking how I will find time to get a part-time… But somehow I will do it! I swear I will!!

(Toshimaen Sports Festival)

And after this super busy day, I had another tiring day today! We went to a sports festival (運動会) in Toshimaen (豊島園). It was really fun! There were a lot of games for everyone to participate, almost always having something to do with running. There were 10 teams, separated by regions, so I was in the Itabashi team. And we got second place in the end of the games! 😀

What an awesome weekend it was! Now, on to part-time search and study! Yeah, study! There is another kanji test coming soon!

(P.S.: Sorry that there are not pictures of the orchestra or the band. Once things settle down, I will upload a lot of them!)

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