Photo of the Week: Solar Eclipse live on TV!

Yesterday was the day of the solar eclipse! So everyone woke up early, took their special glasses out of the box and went to the street to watch it! It was kinda cool!
Unfortunately I couldn’t take a decent picture, for I don’t have that great a camera. Still, it was being broadcasted on TV and it looked like this:
(May 21st 2012 Eclipse on Japanese TV)
Pretty cool eh? Nature is really wonderful.
By dinner time, in another program, just look at who was invited to participate!

That’s right! Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones from Men in Black! They don’t speak Japanese, but there were these two ladies behind them who were translating everything from English to Japanese and from Japanese to English at an incredible pace! God, it was damn amazing to watch/hear them.
They talked about the new movie Men in Black 3, and the hosts of the show taught them some Japanese jokes (LOL!). They also brought sunglasses for every host and spent some time taking pictures all together with serious faces! xD

Japanese TV is so funny 😀

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