Mt. Takao hiking!

As I said yesterday, I went to Mt. Takao!

It was a trip with students from my school, and with Japanese people who volunteered to go with us! It was really fun! The weather was good, everyone was nice, I got to make new friends, it was one of those days to forget about the busy schedule and to just enjoy Nature! And Takao san is really beautiful. Here are some pictures!
(Takao san)

(Takao san)

(Takao san)

(Takao san)

(Takao san)

(Takao san)

(Takao san)

(Takao san)
I have not explained yet, but “Takao san” means “Mt. Takao”, as “san” is one reading of this kanji – 山 – which means mountain.
Takao san is 599 m tall, and is relatively close to the center of Tokyo (1 hour by train, more or less, in the city of Hachiouji, 八王子).
Along the way to the top, there a lot of Buddhist and Shinto structures, including a Buddhist Temple at the top, Yakuouin Yuukiji. There is a lot of Japanese folklore and mythology deeply associated with Takao san which I find quite interesting. However, I’m still not too much into this topic, so I’ll gather more information and talk about it later!

(Takao san, view from the highest point)

2 thoughts on “Mt. Takao hiking!

  1. Devo dizer que o Japão é mesmo lindo! Só pela natureza vale a pena ver 😀 isso queria era pegares numa bicicleta e com meia dúzia de amigos, irem passear o dia inteiro e almoçarem num restaurante a meio do caminho. Tipo, por mês, combinarem um dia assim 😀


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