A week full of good experiences

This week was really busy! But one way or another, it ended up being really good, as I had yet another full set of new experiences!

On Tuesday, I participated in a conversation class at the Portuguese Embassy! Me (a Portuguese) and another teacher from the embassy (a Brazilian) explained some interesting aspects of the Portuguese language to Japanese people! It’s an awesome experience, because I get to think myself things I’ve never thought before about my own language.

And then, at school, a week full of practice to the Speech Contest that was held on last Friday. So many times I read my own speech, I fear I may never forget it again! And what surprised me was, I, someone who is really bad at speaking in public, won first place! The other 6 contestants were all really good, and I was really nervous, so this result was Greatly motivating for me. Face every new challenge, do my best.

And then yesterday, my host father took me to watch how is his work at his Express Home Delivery company! Should I be able to do part-time job there, I though it was interesting to see it beforehand. The company had a really nice environment, and once again I faced one of Japan’s strong points! 体操 (taisou)! Or should I say, gymnastics! As soon as it became 8 o’clock, all the workers and the boss gathered to do a little morning exercise! Honestly, I think this is just awesome. Everyday, even once, everyone gets together to make some exercise, and listen to a few words from the boss in the end. This raises teamwork spirit, and gives the feeling of a real group! It’s a shame it would be seen as “ridiculous” in many places abroad. Proud of Japanese way of thinking.

Last but definitely not least! Despite being Saturday, yesterday the Elementary School (小学校) had classes! It was a special day, and students’ families/friends could enter the school and the actual classrooms to watch the classes! Some parents (including my host father) read a story to the kids, and then teacher asked some questions. It was really fun! The school was so nice. It gave a strange feeling of nostalgia, despite not having had classes there when-so-ever. Most of these schools were build decades ago, so maybe that helps giving this “I’ve been here before” feeling. The entrance with all the kids’ shoes, the classrooms full of teaching materials, posters, paintings, drawings, plants, joy, happiness. The attention and silence that spreads all over the classroom when the teacher is speaking. The way the students say all in chorus after the teacher “Arigatou gozaimashita” and “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu”. The way that a student that wants to speak, stands up and speaks in a loud voice, despite being a 1st grade student. It’s just amazing.

Yeah, Japan has negative points. For people that come here, they may be really easy to find. But the positive points are just so many, and so fantastic, that I can’t believe there are people around the world saying stupid things about Japan. Those who want to learn about Japan, sooner or later are overwhelmed with so many awesome experiences that words are not enough to describe. I keep getting people, places, situations carved in my memory, to never forget.

Thank you Japan.

But as this post is becoming long and kinda boring, here are two pictures to change the mood! “Ice-cream library”, and my dinner yesterday, monja!

(Ice-cream library, at Namja Town, Sunshine City, Ikebukuro)

(Monja, or monjayaki, もんじゃ焼き)

3 thoughts on “A week full of good experiences

  1. Bem, Ti andré, muitos parabéns! É com muito orgulho que te dou os parabéns já que eu estava a contar que te saísses bem no exame de entrada para a banda e no discurso. Espero que continue a correr tudo muito bem por ai e boa sorte quando entrares no teu part-time 😀



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