Japanese Characters Lesson 2: Katakana

After the Hiragana table on this lesson, this week I show you the Katakana table! Here it is:

Once again, as in the Hiragana table, you can ignore the “Wi” and “We”, as they are not used nowadays. Like in the Hiragana, here too you can see the correct way to draw each character.

As you already noticed, Katakana characters are more straight lined, while the Hiragana are more curve lined. They are mostly used to write words that came from another languages (English, French, etc.), onomatopoeias, and other words that are not part of the Japanese vocabulary.

For example: Bike -> バイク (baiku), Portugal -> ポルトガル (porutogaru)

Yet another set of characters to memorize eh? Japanese brain is quite something!

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