Japanese Vocabulary Lesson 6: Colors

So today we’ll talk about colors!
“Color” in Japanese is 色, いろ (iro), and here are some examples of colors in Japanese:

Black 黒, くろ (kuro)
Blue 青, あお (ao)
Brown 茶色, ちゃいろ (chairo)
Gold 金色, きんいろ (kin’iro)
Green 緑, みどり (midori)
Grey 灰色, はいいろ (haiiro)
Orange 橙色, だいだいいろ (daidaiiro)
Pink 桃色, ももいろ (momoiro)
Purple 紫, むらさき (murasaki)
Red 赤, あか (aka)
Silver 銀色, ぎんいろ (gin’iro)
White 白, しろ (shiro)
Yellow 黄色, きいろ (kiiro)

These are the Japanese names, but there are some more ways to say the same colors. For example, grey is 灰色, which literally means “ash color”, but it can also be said 鼠色, which literally means “mouse color”. Interesting right? Then try to search for the meaning of the other colors kanji!

There are also some words that come from English, for example オレンジ (orenji) or ピンク (pinku), which meaning is easily understandable. Some of these words derived from English are more used than the Japanese version.

That’s all for today!

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