Video of the Week: This is Japan! – Speech Contest

Last June 1st I participated in my school’s speech contest and won first prize! Here is the video of my speech, and also the translation to English below! Enjoy!

“This is Japan!”

Hello everyone! 
I’m André from Intermediate Level II class. Please listen to my speech. 
I’ve always had a dream about a perfect society. A fair society where bad people are punished and good people are able to do their daily lives. A society where elder people are respected. A society where people worry about their own country’s affairs. A society where people think not only about themselves, but also about others. 
Of course I understand that a perfect society is impossible. After all, the human being too, is not perfect! However, if we keep searching for a society like this, little by little, we’ll most certainly get closer to it. 
Every country has problems, but in my opinion, the countries that are able to deal with those problems are very few. Since I came to Japan, I end up thinking many times that Portugal is still not able to do anything at all. Living in Japan, there are many situations when I thought “This is Japan!”. 
For example, in Japan, bicycle riders are able to ride in the middle of the city, where there are many people walking, but in Portugal, this would be impossible. Surely there would be disarray, and many accidents would happen. And then, when going to the shopping or to the restaurant, it’s perfectly safe to park the bicycle in front of the store. Moreover, in front of the stations, there are a lot of bicycles parked during the whole day, and there are absolutely no problems with it. I think this feeling of safety is very important. And then, at the station, when the train arrives, it stops always exactly at the same place, but if it exceeds just a little bit, sometimes it goes back again! This is Japan, making this little and detailed things. This is Japan! 
In Spring watching the flowers and in Summer doing festivals, it gives the feeling that everyone is a big family. Not only one’s own family, but companies, schools and neighborhood people are also included in this big family. Japanese people protect their own country, think about each other, and for the sake of the future, they do what they can in the present. Children are able to go safely to the school, people are working the hardest they can, almost everywhere is very clean, everyone is very kind, so even if there are problems, I think this society is able to solve them. In my opinion, this environment is very important. Children learn this way of thinking from the beginning, and are able to become good people in the future. This is Japan! 
When there is an earthquake, immediately a message appears on television. Before a storm comes, companies and schools announce it, and send workers and students home. Many times before disasters happened, but Japan always returned to its previous state and stronger than ever. This is Japan! 
There is still a lot about Japan that I don’t know. I want to know more and more. And then I’ll tell this experience to other people. If someone teaches something good to another person, surely we’ll get closer to a perfect society. The above is the Japan I’ve seen. This is Japan! 
Thank you very much.

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