Japanese Vocabulary Lesson 8: Weather

Today we’ll talk about that thing that everyone talks about when they don’t know what to say – the weather! 😀

In this month, it is the rainy season in Japan, so in the last days I can’t see anything but clouds and rain. Kinda depressing, but at night I actually like it. And as long as there is no wind, I’m fine with it 🙂

But on to the Japanese words!

Sunny – 晴れ, はれ (hare)

Cloudy – 曇り, くもり (kumori)
Rainy – 雨, あめ (ame)
Snowy – 雪, ゆき (yuki)
Windy – 風, かぜ (kaze)

Now let’s proceed to a little more advanced Nature vocabulary!

Storm – 嵐, あらし (arashi)
Typhoon – 台風, たいふう (taifuu)
Tornado – 竜巻, たつまき (tatsumaki)
Earthquake – 地震, じしん (jishin)
Tsunami – 津波, つなみ (tsunami)

And that’s all for today!

Tomorrow I’ll upload photos of today’s trip to Kamakura! 🙂

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