Japanese Drama – Jigoku Shoujo (地獄少女)

…And I finished watching it!

More than the ending (which obviously I won’t talk about) or plot of this drama, what surprised me was how immersed I was in each episode. Each episode is kind of a separate case/story (that are linked together in the end), and the content of each one just pulled my attention.

(Jigoku Shoujo – 地獄少女 – Picture from http://old88nara88.at.webry.info)

Before, I said that it kinda resembled Death Note, because one can kill other people “without actually committing a murder crime”. In Death Note, though, only who possesses a Death Note (Kira) is able to do it. However, in Jigoku Shoujo, anyone can do it. It’s actually not the best idea, in my opinion, because “Hell Correspondence” actually has a website that only opens at midnight, and anyone can go there and write the name of anyone. Then Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo) meets the person who went to the website and gives him/her a doll that has a red string. If that person pulls the red string, the other person whose name was written on the website will be taken to Hell and experience the suffering she/he caused to others during her/his life. However, if one pulls the red string, one will also be taken to Hell upon dying. (In Death Note though, if one used the Death Note, then one wouldn’t be able to go neither to Heaven nor to Hell – like a place to suffer for all eternity)

But as I was saying, aside from that, each episode has a really good story. There is always someone who is really bad, and causes many kinds of suffering to others, to the point of the viewer himself wants to take revenge on those people. It really gets to the viewer’s feelings, I think. And that’s a major good point of this drama. The Japanese pride is something well shown through the end.

“Everyone has deep darkness within their hearts” said Jigoku Shoujo.

Revenge, betrayal, sorrow. The basis of this drama. Watch it! It’s really worth seeing! 😉

I’m leaving a trailer below! Enjoy!

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