Hoozuki-ichi (酸漿市) Festival in Asakusa and Sky Tree!

Just had a really fun time yesterday with my friend from the orchestra!

We went to another festival, this time in Asakusa, right next to the Sensouji Temple, and this time the festival was about a flower called hoozuki (酸漿, ほおずき). This flower (also called Chinese Lantern, Japanese Lantern or Winter Cherry) is very used in Japan during the Obon Festival, to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors. It has been also used as a medicine, and children also play with a part of the flower by blowing air into it.

After this festival, we went to eat Tempura (a dish introduced by the Portuguese in Japan) in the oldest restaurant of Tempura from Japan (since the Edo Period – (1603-1868))! It was really delicious!

After that we went to watch the Tokyo Sky Tree up close! It’s kinda impossible to go to the Tower until September because there are so many people wanting to go, so it is only possible with a reservation. It’s so damn huge! It’s like one’s senses cannot process such unbelievable view! The weather was really nice, so I could take a lot of awesome pictures! Enjoy!

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