Photo of the Week: Hanabi!

As I did last year when I was in Japan, this year me and my host family played with hanabi (fireworks) again! After all there is no Summer without fireworks! Here is one of my favorites!

Also here is something that grabbed my attention last Sunday! When I went to Hachiouji (八王子), I took a train that was headed for Takao, but how to know if it stops in Hachiouji along the way? Here is the answer!

Cool, right? There’s no way to get lost!
Also, last Friday there was an event of Katsuben at my school. It is a Japanese oral tradition where a person talks and makes onomatopoeias while a silent movie is being shown! I’m not too much into silent movies but it was kinda funny! 

Actually I found a video on youtube of this same person making the same movie in 2010! Have a look!

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