My first parade in Japan!

Yesterday there was a festival in Naka Itabashi (中板橋), and I participated in it through a parade with Itasui Orchestra! It was so fun!

The festival has a funny name (へそ祭り, heso matsuri – bellybutton festival), which origin I can’t really precise xD

The other day I had my first concert, and this time I had my first parade! Yet another awesome experience, and I always feel that everyone is like a big family and I can’t thank enough for what I’ve been experiencing, and I want to say so many things without stopping that this sentence is becoming long and weird xD

Anyway, it was a 30 minute parade, which is not so long compared to the parades I used to do back in Portugal, but the difficult part is that every music has to be memorized! I still haven’t memorized everything, but hopefully the more I participate, the more I’ll remember! これからもがんばります!

I didn’t really took pictures yesterday (as I was playing), but here go some pictures from 2010 festival:

One thought on “My first parade in Japan!

  1. Pá, não me digas que eles imitaram a malta cá de Portugal e puseram majoretes também! Elas deviam era estar com uma saia mais curta… XD Ainda bem que foi divertido! XD
    Como disseste, Challenge! 😉


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