Kojima Yoshio’s そんなの関係ねぇ~おっぱっぴ

After one more Radio Gymnastics session in the nearby park (I’ll talk about it next week!), here is this time’s gag!

His name is Kojima Yoshio (小島よしお), and he’s famous for the following gag!

He basically says a lot of things, like little jokes, and then ends the phrase with the expression “But it doesn’t have anything to do with it” LOL!

He also says “オッパッピ〜!” (Oppappi-), which meaning he explained in a show! It actually means オーシャンパシフィックピース (O-shan Pashifikku Pi-su, a.k.a. Ocean Pacific Peace) shortened! Hahaha! xD 

I mean it’s completely random, that’s why it’s so funny xD

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