Fireworks in Asakusa! Shinagawa Ophthalmology Clinic! Radio Gymnastics! Senbei!

Yesterday there was a big fireworks display near Sumida River (隅田川) in Asakusa, and oh my god it was so crowded! Fireworks are more popular in Japan than I though. I knew they were famous , but the number of people was something quite superb. So many people that I couldn’t even find my friends or even make a call (or even send a message)! So here is the advice of the day: don’t do to a fireworks display in Tokyo with hopes of finding your friends there xD

Anyway, in the middle of all the crowded place, this is the best picture I could take of the fireworks:

Next year I’ll prepare better for this occasion, definitely.

Before going to the fireworks display I spent the morning and afternoon at Shinagawa Ophthalmology Clinic doing tests, because I might apply for a laser surgery there. That place is just amazing! One of the doctors told me that that clinic is on the world top, and I can totally understand why! I mean, I still haven’t done the surgery, but the test sessions were something quite awesome. 3 hours of intensive tests to my eyes were quite tiring, but it’s for the best! In a short time maybe I’ll get rid of my glasses :p

I didn’t take pictures of the clinic, but I did take some of the view from the window (it’s on the 15th floor of a really modern building near 有楽町駅 – Yuurakuchou Station), here they are:

Just hope everything goes well 🙂

Today I have a lot to say, eh? :p

Today was the last day of Radio Gymnastics in the park near my home. Here is a picture from a previous session!

I honestly think this is something absolutely fantastic in Japanese customs. At 7 a.m. many people gather in the park to do morning exercise, from little kids to their grandparents. It’s healthy, it’s fun, it’s socially good. Yet another strong point in Japanese culture.
In the end, kids even received medals and some sweets! Adults received a bottle of tea, and a pack of garbage bags. I think of this like this: Kids, enjoy your youth and be motivated for the future. Adults, take care of your health and take care of your surrounding environment. This is what I call a society.

In the other day a friend from the orchestra offered me a Senbei (煎餅, せんべい), which is a type of Japanese rice cracker. Have a look at it!

The drawing in it is from Asagao (朝顔), from the Asagao Festival that I went the other day!

Senbei have many types, shapes and flavors, but the main ingredient is rice. They are usually baked or grilled, and they are many times offered with green tea to guests.

Long post today! Thank you for reading! I’ll come with more news soon! 🙂

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