Itasui GOLD Prize, Tokyo 52nd Orchestra Contest!

Yesterday our orchestra participated in the 52nd Orchestra Contest in Tokyo, and won GOLD prize!! But no, not only one orchestra wins gold prize. I’ll explain:

In Tokyo, there are several types of orchestra contests. As you may already know, Japanese orchestras are really awesome and despite being amateur, they have semi-professional abilities. The proof of it, is that there are orchestra contests since middle school! And they are really good. So there are contests of orchestra from middle schools, high schools, universities, and “general orchestras” where people from everywhere can play (workers, students, etc.), and it was on this last category that our orchestra participated.

This was a contest of orchestras from Tokyo, and there was a total of 44 orchestras in this 2-day contest in 練馬文化センター (Cultural Centre of Nerima). Each orchestra had a performance limit time of 12 minutes, with around 3 more minutes to set the stage. It was really awesome to see how fast a stage can be set, and how so many MANY people can be in the same place without any organization problems!

About the performance itself, each orchestra played two pieces, one chosen by the contest organization, and one free piece chosen by the orchestra.

In the end of the contest, took place the results announcement, and each orchestra was given a gold, silver or bronze prize, as well as a points result. Then, the 12 orchestras with highest points sum proceeds to the next phase, which is another contest between these orchestras, and which will take place in next September 2nd.

And among these 44 orchestras, ours was 5th place! Now let’s continue practicing to try to proceed to the national competition! がんばろう!

There is still a lot of things I want to do in Japan, but entering this orchestra has become a really excellent experience, and I just want to say thank you to everyone for everything. I’m so glad I was able to join this group! I’ll continue to do my best!

(Sax Team, the Best Team Ever!)
P.S.: Japanese Lesson next Wednesday!

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