Photo of the Week: 眠り猫 (The Sleeping Cat)

Last days have been so busy that I have still a lot of posts to update!  Yesterday I made a review of the Tokyo Wind Orchestra Contest, so the Japanese Lesson will be posted tomorrow!

Also, in last Friday I went on a school trip to Nikkou (日光), a city in the mountains, approximately 140 km north of Tokyo, famous for attractions like the mausoleum of the Shougun Tokugawa Ieyasu, The Three Wise Monkeys or The Sleeping Cat carvings (I’ll talk about them soon!)

For the time being, here is the photo of the week! The Sleeping Cat!

It is a wood carving made by Hidari Jingorou (左甚五郎) which is located in Toushougu Shrine (東照宮). Now, if you look well, this artist has “left” (Hidari, 左), in his name. Can you guess why? I will explain it when I do a review of my trip to Nikkou!

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