iPhone 5 released in Japan today!

…But I don’t understand why people make this kind of things:

Of course the release of the new iPhone was on the morning news (it was released at 8:00am, with a countdown!), and they said there were more than 700 people lining in the street in Ginza (銀座) (some of them 3 days before!!) in something like a 600 meters-long line.

I mean, it’s not like the iPhone is on sale only today xD I guess there are crazy fans everywhere xD

Anyway, longer screen, panorama photos, thinner, lighter, faster. For people that don’t have an iPhone and want one, it’s just right, but for people who already have a previous version, in my humble opinion, it’s not worth it. It’s like buying a new television just because its screen has 5 more centimeters, it turns on and off 1 second faster, and you can carry it to the 5th floor with less effort because it weights 300g less. When you already have one. Oh well ヽ(´ー`)┌

P.S.: Don’t know what the above emoticon means? Keep an eye open, because I will be uploading a Japanese emoticon lesson soon!

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