Rural vs Urban landscape! And a beautiful sunset!

Last wednesday I went with a friend to the countryside!

For the second time, I visited Nikkou! When I went there last time, I went on a bus tour with my school, so I didn’t really have free time to explore whatever I wanted. Also, I feel that bus tours have a bad point, which is they only take people to famous places, where everyone goes, but there are a lot of beautiful spots where nobody (literally, nobody) goes to. I specially like these places because they are always so quiet, so peaceful and so wonderful. I really think people are missing a lot.

Here are a few pictures from these places!

Keep an eye on the pictures section, because soon I will be uploading more pictures there!

We also went to a Glass Studio, where we made glasses with the help of the people from there!

And this is the glass I made! ^-^

It was a really rainy day, but somehow I think it was the perfect weather for this day. Being in the middle of Nature hearing almost only the rain was kinda refreshing (yeah, in both ways :p).


And as the title of this post suggests, I’m talking about the urban landscape too. Yesterday I went with another friend to Tokyo Imperial Palace (皇居, koukyo) (keep an eye for the pictures section, I’ll be uploading pictures there!), and on the way back, I found myself surrounded by huge buildings.

Here are some pictures!

Some buildings didn’t even fit my iPhone screen! xD And I unconsciously though about the new iPhone 5 that is on sale starting tomorrow, in Japan! xD (i.e. longer screen)

It was kinda interesting having these two experiences on consecutive days. The countryside gave a feeling of nostalgia, peacefulness, the city gave me a feeling of curiosity, liveness.

And on wednesday, on the way back home, I got to watch a wonderful sunset from the train:

Fulfilling two days. Thank you my friends, thank you Japan.

EDIT 23/09: Pictures from Nikkou and the Imperial Palace posted! Check them below!



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