Japanese Music: 嵐 (Arashi)

Arashi (嵐, literally meaning “storm”) is a Japanese idol group of five members: 大野 智 (Oono Satoshi), 櫻井 翔 (Sakurai Shou), 相葉 雅紀 (Aiba Masaki), 二宮 和也 (Ninomiya Kazunari) and 松本 潤 (Matsumoto Jun).

松本 潤 (Matsumoto Jun)

二宮 和也 (Ninomiya Kazunari)

相葉 雅紀 (Aiba Masaki)

大野 智 (Oono Satoshi)

櫻井 翔 (Sakurai Shou)
The group was officially formed on September 15, 1999 in Honolulu, Hawaii and made their CD debut on November 3, 1999. Their genres are Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and R&B.

Watch one of their official PV’s below!
Official website here! -> ARASHI OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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