Japanese Vocabulary Lesson 22: Teeth

Continuing with the human body vocabulary saga, today, on the 30th Japanese lesson, I’m talking about the name of human teeth!

English Japanese
Upper teeth 上歯 (うわば, uwaba)
Lower teeth 下歯 (したば, shitaba)
Central incisor 中切歯 (ちゅうせっし, chuu sesshi)
Lateral incisor 側切歯 (そくせっし, soku sesshi)
Canine (cuspid) 犬歯 (けんし, kenshi)
First premolar (bicuspid) 第1小臼歯 (だい1しょうきゅうし, dai 1 shou kyuushi)
Second premolar (bicuspid) 第2小臼歯 (だい2しょうきゅうし, dai 2 shou kyuushi)
First molar 第1大臼歯 (だい1だいきゅうし, dai 1 dai kyuushi)
Second molar 第2大臼歯 (だい2だいきゅうし, dai 2 dai kyuushi)
Third molar (wisdom tooth) 第3大臼歯 (だい3だいきゅうし, dai 3 dai kyuushi) or 知歯 (ちし, chishi)

And that’s all for today!

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