しりとり (Shiritori)

しりとり (Shiritori) is a Japanese word game that consists in trying to keep a sequence of words the longer possible. Each player takes a turn saying a word, and the next player has to say a word that begins in the previous word’s last sound.

The rules are very simple:

1) The next word must begin by the previous word’s last sound.

2) Words cannot be repeated.

3) Only nouns are allowed.

4) Katakana words not allowed (by katakana words I mean words that come from other languages, for example, リフレッシュ -> refresh)

5) If a player says a word ending in ん (n), the game ends, as there is no Japanese word beginning with that sound.

Check the picture above to see an example! Please start reading from the right.
Not sure about the Hiragana characters? Check them here!

It seems simple right? Before playing I thought so too, but after I played the first time, words just won’t come out! I guess it requires practice, and it helps memorize and practice Japanese words!

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