2012, an awesome year!

Last post of the year!

I thought about making a little review of what was my stay in Japan until now by choosing one picture of each month. Here we go:

MARCH, the arrival in japan

Good weather, and a warm welcome to Japan. This is the street I walked so many times, and where so many things happened. Definitely one of the places I will never forget.
APRIL, sakura

Shortly after arriving, Nature exploded in its most unique beauty, with the cherry blossoms blooming everywhere. It was a breath-taking sight to be seen.
MAY, d-formation live

At long last I was able to go to a live tour of my favorite singer, Chihara Minori. Listening to her live once again filled my soul with joy and gave me motivation to go on with my own music.

JUNE, first concert in japan

Having passed the audition to enter the Itabashi Wind Orchestra, I made my debut playing in a concert. It was the best experience I’ve had in my life while being a musician.

JULY, festivals

I always liked Asakusa, and with the festivals that happen there, and the atmosphere that it has, it turned out to be one of my favorite places in Tokyo.

AUGUST, nikko

By visiting Nikko, an unexplainable twist of emotions went wild inside me. A holy, enchanted place, which gave me a mysterious nostalgic feeling. One of my most loved places in Japan until now.

SEPTEMBER, new sight

After a lot of tests and a lot of anxiety, in this very place I stopped using glasses and gained a vision of which I have no memory. I was completely amazed by how neatly I could see everything. I was particularly impressed and moved by the simple beauty of the summer clouds in the sky.

OCTOBER, future

A month when I was overwhelmed with decisions and thoughts about future. Entered the professional school I wanted to enter, started working on part-time, and everyday, the “can’t stop thinking about future” problem has attacked.

NOVEMBER, japanese top level

Finally entered the top level classes of Japanese at my school. Particularly the kanji top level is quite difficult, and it’s the most difficult challenge at this school up until now.

DECEMBER, family

My sister came to visit me in Japan, and I was able to have a new view of the city. Going to previously visited places and to new places has been a really refreshing experience. And still going!

For the next year, I only hope to get better at what I’m doing, and to have the will to never give up. I don’t ask for results, but for the willpower to be able to accomplish them.
I have been able to get a little closer to find who I really am, and what I can really do, but I still have a long way to find the answers! Next year I’ll certainly get closer!
That’s what I wish for all of you. Find your purpose in life and fight for it!

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