Kanji Tip 4 – 十分 (10 minutes? Sufficient?)

If you are still not aware of it, I will tell you now that Japanese can be really ambiguous sometimes. You have to be very cautious and pay attention to the context of the conversation to understand its content.

Why do I say this? Check the following kanji!

Not very difficult, right? What does it mean? “10 minutes”? Yes! You are right! … in 50%.

That’s right, it has another reading!

For it to mean “10 minutes”, it has to be read じゅっぷん (jyuppun). But it can actually also be read as じゅうぶん (jyuubun), which means “sufficient” or “satisfactory”. So if you read the following sentence:

この料理を作るのは十分かかった。(Kono ryouri wo tsukuru no wa 十分 kakatta.)

what is the translation you give it?

“This dish took 10 minutes to prepare.”


“This dish took sufficient time to prepare.”


The second phrase actually may have a sense of irony! Like something to be said if the food takes too much time to prepare.

Depending on the translation you first give to 十分, it might tell something about your own personality, who knows! 😀

Japanese is really interesting eh?

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