Japanese Music: カラフィナ (Kalafina)

As I promised in the video post of ARIA (by Kalafina), here is this group’s profile in the Japanese Music section!

Kalafina (カラフィナ) is a Japanese band formed by the composer Kajiura Yuki (梶浦由記) in 2007. As the group started, it performed many theme songs for the anime Kara no Kyoukai (空の境界).

The band first appeared in January 2008 with two original members from Kajiura Yuki’s FictionJunction project, Ootaki Wakana (大滝若菜) and Kubota Keiko (窪田啓子). In May 2008, two vocalists Toyoshima Maya (豊島摩耶) and Masai Hikaru (政井光), who had been chosen from an audition of 30,000 participants held by Sony Music Japan and Kajiura Yuki, were confirmed as the final members of Kalafina. In May 2009, Sony Music announced that Maya would no longer be participating in Kalafina.

梶浦由記 (Kajiura Yuki)

窪田啓子 (Kubota Keiko)

政井光 (Masai Hikaru)

大滝若菜 (Ootaki Wakana)

Here are some PV’s from their official youtube channel. They have beautiful voices, it is definitely worth listening to!

Also here is the link to their official website! -> KALAFINA OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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