Valentine’s Day in Japan

Today is Valentine’s Day!

This day has its popularity all over the world, and it is celebrated in different ways in many countries.

In Japan, it is a day when girls offer presents (mostly chocolates) to boys. Not only offering chocolate to their loved one is popular (本命チョコ, honmei choko, meaning “favorite” chocolate), but they also offer chocolates to friends, colleagues, and other people they intend to keep a good relationship with (nothing related to love). In this case it is called a 義理チョコ (giri choko), which means “obligation” chocolate.

This is, as you can imagine, a really big business for chocolate companies! In fact, only on the week before Valentine’s Day, it is said that chocolate companies make half of their annual sales! Can you believe it?

And did you know there is a day for boys to return chocolates to girls? It is called “White Day”, and it is celebrated on March 14th!

Be careful not to eat to much of it! 😀

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