Best Spot 7: Hakone (箱根)


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Hakone (箱根) is a town situated in the southwest area of Kanagawa Prefecture (神奈川県). It has been designated as a Geopark by UNESCO.

It is an awesome place to enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes of Japan, as it is a mountain region, with a lot of green areas.

It is close to Mount Fuji, one of the most important and beautiful icons of Japan.

Some of the most famous places to visit are as follows.

The Lake Ashinoko (芦ノ湖). There is a boat which you can ride to cross the lake. It’s kind of an unusual boat, but really pretty and unique. The landscapes seen from the lake are some of the most beautiful in this region.

Right next to the north part of the lake, there is the Tougendai Ropeway Station (桃源台ロープウェイ駅), where you can ride it up the mountain, enjoying yet another breathtaking view. I went during the winter, so there was a lot of snow, which was most enjoyable to watch.

Along the way, there is the Oowakudani Station (大湧谷駅) from where you can walk to a volcanic zone where a lot of steam vents and bubbling pools can be appreciated. Here you can also buy a special kind of eggs, which are cooked in the naturally hot water, and are said to prolong one’s life for seven years.

As it is a volcanic zone, there is a lot of sulfur releases, so it can get a little smelly! Also, it’s this sulfuric waters that make the shells of the above mentioned eggs to be black.

This is quite a goos spot to view Mount Fuji (on clear days)!
Not far from there, if you are interested in fine arts, make a stop at Mori Art Museum (森美術館, もりびじゅつかん, Mori Bijyutsukan), where you can appreciate a lot of pieces, with special emphasis to Picasso.


Have a look at a video from the trip I made with my school in this Winter!

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