Japanese Drama – Youkame no Semi (八日目の蝉)

Youkame no Semi (八日目の蝉, directly translated as “Cicada of the eighth day”), is a six-episode drama that has been recently adapted into a movie with the same name.
The story starts with a woman that is having an affair with a married man. She becomes pregnant, but promising to marry her, he convinces her to have an abortion. However, later he refused to divorce his wife, having she, also, became pregnant some time after this.

Learning of his lover’s wife pregnancy, the woman waits for the right moment, and kidnaps the baby from their home, raising the child on her own, away from the world.

It is a very touching story, of someone who only wanted happiness, but was betrayed, making a forbidden action in hope of recovering the peace that belonged to her.

Big part of the story takes action in the beautiful Shoudoshima island (小豆島) in Kansai region, the perfect scene for this moving plot.

Definitely recommended! 😉

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