Kindest country contest!

The other day there was a really interesting program on television (日本テレビ) where they were making kind of a contest to see which was the kindest country in a group of five.

So basically what they did was put a little girl (from that country) alone in a public place pretending she was crying, to see how many people would stop to ask her what was wrong! It was amazing to see so many people looking and going away pretending it was nothing… Everyone is so “busy” that losing one minute seems too much.

Anyway, in the end this was the result!

1st place – Japan
2nd place – France
3rd place – Germany
4th place – Brazil
5th place – Nigeria

It may seem a bit of a “planned contest”, but actually they have made it a few times with different situations and different countries where Japan didn’t win.

It was even more interesting to listen to the interviews they made to the people, asking why they didn’t help the little girl. Some said that “if she is alone here, then her parents must be around” or “if she is alone here, then her house must be around here, so the neighbors will take care of it”.

In Japan, among the 14 people that talked to the child, only one was a man. When interviewed, he said that he also hesitated in helping her, because talking alone to a little girl might seem suspicious. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why mostly women talked to her.

Anyway, interesting program!

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