Anime: Golden Boy (ゴールデンボーイ)

Do you want to roll on the floor laughing like if there was no tomorrow?

Then you must watch Golden Boy!

Originally a manga series written by Egawa Tatsuya (江川達也), its 6-episode anime adaptation was released in 6 OVA-episodes (OVA – Original Video Animation – are animated films and series made specially for release in home-video formats), giving color and sound to this hilarious story.

This sex comedy tells us the story of Oe Kintarou (大江錦太郎), a 25-year-old pervert and “travelling-student”, who wants to learn more and more about life and about the world. For that purpose, he travels the country searching for new challenges, new jobs, new things to study.

As the sex comedy it is, it always involves girls. Kintarou always ends up making most of his learning with beautiful girls that appear along his journey. In the beginning, they always take him for a stupid pervert, and a good-for-nothing guy, but in the end, all of them get surprised…

Discover why by watching this hilarious series!

Also, have a peek at part of the first episode below!

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