Working in Japan

Thinking about going to Japan for a long term? If you plan on going to study, then finding a part-time job (アルバイト, arubaito, or バイト, baito, for short, in Japanese) is definitely a good idea! It is an excellent way to practice your Japanese, as well as a way to “enter” this powerful society.

There are a lot of jobs to look for, as well as many ways to look for them.

If you are a constant train/subway user, then you certainly have noticed the free-to-take magazines that are in certain spots in the station. Those magazines are released periodically with advertisement on many companies/stores/restaurants/etc., with all the requirements they ask for, contact information, job description, location, schedule, and much more.

But! We live in the internet era, so this can all be done online!

Here are some famous websites to search for jobs. Not only part-time, but also full-time jobs can also be found.

(Gaijin Pot – English/Japanese)

(Tokyo Hello Work – Japanese)
(Job Colle – Japanese)
(Job Sense – Japanese)
(My Navi – Japanese)
If you have some knowledge of Japanese, and if you show will to work, then you will surely get a job. A working economy like Japan still has many many places to work (unemployment rate of 4.2%, as of March 2013), so working hard is the secret to be successful!
When talking about full-time jobs, the minimum hourly wage in Japan ranges from ¥645 to ¥837, set on a prefectural and industry basis (data from 2011).
In addition, here is some information about the tax system in Japan.

National Income Tax Rates
Taxable Income
Tax Rate
less than 1.95 million yen 5% of taxable income
1.95 to 3.3 million yen 10% of taxable income exceeding 1.95 million yen plus 97,500 yen
3.3 to 6.95 million yen 20% of taxable income exceeding 3.3 million yen plus 232,500 yen
6.95 to 9 million yen 23% of taxable income exceeding 6.95 million yen plus 962,500 yen
9 to 18 million yen 33% of taxable income exceeding 9 million yen plus 1,434,000 yen
more than 18 million yen 40% of taxable income exceeding 18 million yen plus 4,404,000 yen

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