Anime: Toradora! (とらドラ!)

Comedy/Romance/School Life genre combo is very common in anime, but there are really a lot of them that are not that special and seem just like an approximate copy of another one. Toradora!, however, is different.

Despite being, in my opinion, really special, this anime doesn’t need a long description.

Ryuuji is a boy with a gentle personality, but his eyes make him look like a violent delinquent, so his daily life is made of people running away in hilarious ways.

On the contrary, Taiga is a (very short) girl with a delicate appearance, but with a brutal personality.

Obviously the encounter of such two characters would be inevitable, and that brings a lot of adventures not only to the two of them, but also to all of their friends!

It is a great production in a genre that has a lot of material to see, bringing a fresh and pleasant breeze to the viewers. The plot is good, characters have an original personality, and these are the two main ingredients to draw the attention to a series of this genre.

Definitely an excellent one!

Watch below a scene from this anime!

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