Video Games: Okami (大神)

I’d say most video games lack an important thing: reaching the player’s feelings. Be it by soundtrack, by scenarios, by story, or by anything else. But among the good games I have played, there is one that I consider immediately one of the best masterpieces ever created in the history of video games. I present to you, Okami (大神).

I’d be as bold to say that this game is near the perfection.

I had my doubts when I played it for the first time, but after continuing for some time, I was quickly immersed in its absolutely beautiful world. The game has place in Japan, a long long time ago. Everyone in the country lives in peace, and happily continue their lives. When one arrives to this country of Nippon, the beauty of its Nature immediately comes out.

The design of the forests, the mountains, the fields, the wind, the rain, the thunders, it’s just superb. The way everything is designed is as if every frame was a Japanese traditional painting. It’s really inspiring. We live in an era where many companies want to make their games more and more realistic, but sometimes that’s not what matters. Having this painting style in the game makes it look really awesome and gives the sensation of a story from hundreds of years ago.

In this peaceful environment, there is an ancient evil creature which is spreading darkness through the land of Nippon. Nature loses its brightness, and evil monsters spawn everywhere. As one plays through the game, one of the main objectives is to give a new life to this Nature and revive the trees, the plants, the animals, and restore their beauty. As the Nature becomes stronger, the evil creatures become weaker. It’s a really simple idea, but it’s really beautiful.

Furthermore, the playability is really simple and easy to adapt to, and both having fights with these monsters (with a lot of cool combos), exploring the (HUGE) world, or solving puzzles, ends up being a really fun experience!

There are a lot of awesome bosses, which just fit in the game’s story perfectly. A story of gods, a story of people, a story of people’s wills. That’s another major excellent point of this game: its story. It’s awesome enough to make one laugh, cry, feel happiness, joy, sadness, sorrow. It’s a really complete experience.

And yet another thing to add to this marvelous world is its absolutely superb soundtrack. 5 CD’s of beautifully inspiring music, in Japanese style, which can be perfectly listened to, even when not playing the game.

Summarizing, this is a must play for everyone who loves special video games, those who leave a real mark in the player. The best game for PS2 in the year of 2006, and for me, the best game for any platform ever made.

Enjoy the trailer below!

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